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Every project I face I go through Many Emoticons Before I get to the finish line It's a labor of love and conquest
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Welcome to my design portfolio

To say I like design (digital or print) would be an understatement. The world that is design, has always been one of my true passions in life. To me design is the embodiment of observation, contemplation and action.

The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else…The driving force of a career must come from the individual.
Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!
– Earl Nightingale, Motivational Speaker

Who am I?

UX/UI Designer with several years of experience in web design and development

Some Fun Facts about me?

Digital Design Projects I have worked on*
Design companies I have contracted with since 2005
Digital Designs Projects completed in 2016
Years of Professional digital design Experience

my principals of design states...

If you really love what you do, others will love what you have done.


HTML5 80%
CSS 70%
JavaScript 60%
JQuery 55%
Wordpress 60%

Design Skills

Web Design 90%
Design Strategy 85%
Tableless Web Design 95%
Design Research 85%
Image Creation 75%


Project Ownership 80%
Client Management 70%
Time Management 75%
Communication & Visibility 80%


Photoshop 95%
Sublime Text 85%
Illustrator 60%
InDesign 80%
NetBeans 65%
After Effects 75%

"The devil is always in the details". I always believed that 90 percent of the work can be done without any problems. It's often that last 10 percent will be the most trying and tedious. Those are the times where keeping a keen eye on the details will help a project from going into purgatory.


Adobe Photoshop 95%
Composition 80%
Communication 85%
Color Theory 85%

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 70%
InDesign 80%
Page Layout 85%
Icon Creation 60%
Color Theory 85%

"Keep your eye on the Ball", and also, keep your focus on not only the project but the people that help make it a success. Keep your team happy and they will keep you happy. Now play ball!

Brian is dedicated to his craft and has an excellent eye for the best photo or layout design to convey a group's particular message.

Director of Development at Marist School


I belive in quality design, attention to detail, creative identity and straight to the point content.


Meet the me, me and me


Web designer

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Image creation



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Digital imager

Here's are a few companies I've worked with so far

Web Developer Clients Clients Graphic Designer Photographer and Content Manager Web Designer Information Technology Manager Online Technical Support

No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great his ability or capital.
Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.
~ Orison Swett Marden

He was always reliable, pleasant to work with and detail oriented in his work, both as a photographer and the web content manager.

Owner/Photographer at PhotoSynthesis Studio

My Design Portfolio

I'm convinced that without bad design, the world would be a far less stimulating place; we would have nothing to marvel over and nothing to be nostalgic about.

~ Carrie Phillips

With his strong understanding for typography, color, and composition, Brian developed designs that were not only popular with our clients, but effective from a production standpoint.

Art Director at Aspen Marketing Services

Contact Me

I'd really love to hear from you so why not drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I was always impressed with Brian's artful designs and believe he will be an asset in whatever capacity he chooses to accept.

Blog and Marketing Communications Writer at MagnetStreet Weddings

My Ramblings

This is where I say cool stuff (maybe)!

If design is what you need

On this great day when we find out who will be our next leader for the next four years, I have taken the time to hit the design sites for free stuff…. Also, these are great places to find out what the current trends. So let’s get the links out. http://www.icondeposit.com (great idea place), http://www.pixeden.com (I’ve been a member for a long time to this place, Love it), http://creattica.com (great idea pace), http://www.dribbble.com (always a good place to hang around)

CSS Generators Websites

css3generator.com Stylebuilder.telerik.com css3maker.com cssmate.com A good place to get some more websites designmodo.com

Wish List

I Have always liked this site.

Places for Design

I am always looking for Design Websites that gives a nice bang for “No bucks”. Keep this post on favs because I will update this on a regular.

Who does backgrounds anymore?

Just found that that doing an image for a background is the thing of the past http://www.patternify.com/

Who doesn't love Envato?

For those who haven’t been educated by the several sites of Envato.This is the place to get ideas, understandings and overall good stuff for your design needs.

Logos, Logos and more logos

Today I had a project that needed to design a sort of superhero (superman and batman) type logos. I did a short search and found a great site http://www.logoorange.com/.
They not only have a great library but you can download examples of some great classics from a to z.

Look what I found

I was trolling the web for a generic youtube logo for a project I was working on today and I found an amazing set of social media icons for free.
This was really cool because they have not only the color but also black and white as well.